How do I start a meeting?

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After signing in, you will be directed to the Account Administrator page. Any current and upcoming meetings will be listed on the screen. Towards the left of the screen are two "Start a meeting now" links. Click on either one to continue.

After the page loads, enter a title for the meeting, select the type of meeting (NOTICE: the default selection is Phone only, if you wish to have a web conference, you need to click the drop down menu and select Web and phone), select the length of the meeting, then add a list of invitees by typing in each person's email address, only one per line. You may add a personal note describing the purpose of the meeting if desired in the bottom box.

After clicking start, you will be directed to either the Phone only dial in instructions page (fig. 1) where you will need to dial a phone number and enter a PIN number as provided on the screen, or the meeting screen (fig. 2). From the meeting screen, you have the additional option of a microphone tie in, in place of a phone tie in. To use this feature, simply click on the microphone button at the top of the screen to start the microphone tie in. To tie in using the phone, you will need to call the phone number and enter the pin number that are provided in the email you receive.



NOTICE: Even with web conferences, you MUST use the microphone tie in feature or dial in to the phone number provided in the email to hear the audio portion of the meeting.

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